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LAD manipulates rays of light in olgiata sporting club.


link: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/lad-manipulates-light-olgiata-sporting-club-06-11-2014/


pdf : LAD manipulates rays of light in olgiata sporting club


‘the olgiata sporting club’ by LAD is located inside the woods of a garden city at the border of rome, italy. the building is made up of three different pavilions connected to one another. from the center, visitors can access administrative functions by going through the main entrance that leads to a staircase. from here, circulation provides them with the option of continuing to the locker rooms on the lower level or heading to programs that occupy opposite sides of the complex. the south contains gyms and multipurpose rooms, while the north houses swimming pools and spin bikes. outdoor spaces are accommodated by football fields, tennis courts and a beach-volley court. produced by holzbau in italy, a series of boomerang-shaped, glulam beams unifies the design as they are consistently placed throughout the sporting club. used above the swimming pool, gym, and other large interior spaces, the system hangs from a zinc-titanium roof that has the ability to adjust rays of sunlight to the needs of the inhabitants playing in areas below.


photo © cornelia suhan

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