L A B O R A T O R I O  D I  A R C H I T E T T U R A  E  D E S I G N





From a lodge to a spaceship


di Ester Pirotta.



Avant-garde technology and sophisticated design for a mountain environment to be protected, and the evolution of the now obsolete concept of the Alpine lodge steps aside for futuristic solutions that tackle and overcome the challenges of the high altitude.

The mountain lodge has historically been a construction in wood, stone and little else, harmoniously integrated with the surroundings as a discrete, silent, functional shelter for the mountaineers who need a place to rest before they reach the peaks.
Today we have some important examples of undeniably audacious architectural works, with strong visual impact and considerable technological content associated with environmental sustainability and energy saving. [...]

Over recent years, design experimentation into the ‘lodge’ has intensified, thanks to
design competitions, for example ‘Minimal living in the Alps’ (2012), organized by the
Mountain Community of Valle Camonica (BS). [...]

Another interesting project emerged from this competition – the ‘Alpine Bivouac’ designed by the architect Francesco Napolitano, assisted by Maurizio Giodice and Domenico Faraco; this is a prefabricated ecological cell that can be positioned on slopes withf any gradient, thanks to the feet that can be adjusted using the steel hydraulic pistons. Energy self-sufficiency is possible thanks to the photovoltaic panels fitted to the roof; the spaces are reduced to a minimum without losing any degree of comfort and without jeopardizing the magnificent mountain views. The structural components have been created with a system of prefabricated X-LAM type panels – these are easy to carry and assembly in loco is a straightforward process.


‘Bivacco Alpino’ [Alpine hostel] by Francesco Napolitano with Maurizio Giodice and Domenico Faraco for the competition ‘Abitare minimo nelle Alpi’
[Minimalist living in the Alps] (2012).

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