L A B O R A T O R I O  D I  A R C H I T E T T U R A  E  D E S I G N

We reject all aesthetic speculation, all doctrine, all formalism.
Architecture is the will of the epoch translated into space; living, changing, new.
Not yesterday, not tomorrow, only today can be given form.
Create form out of the nature of our tasks with the methods of our time.
This is our task.

 Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe



LAD (Laboratory of Architecture and Design) is a young architecture studio founded in 2006 by Simone Lanaro and Francesco Napolitano and based in Rome.
The firm involves all sectors and levels related to architectural design, industrial design, and interior design. This includes design, feasibility studies and investment plans, as well as the construction management and technical support.
The constant goal of the studio is to achieve a high quality of design at all scales. LAD aims to find the right balance between the creation and the economic investment.
The firm blends a deep value of conceptual design with technical knowledge to bring projects to their realization. This fusion results in a unique design experience and subsequent construction of buildings of high architectural quality.
The works of the studio are published in some of the major Italian magazines dedicated to architecture.



1. The value of architecture is the value of its concept. The more recognizable the concept is, the more appreciable its final result will be.
2. In Architecture, the idea is expressed through construction; the objective of the project is always its realization.
3. The aim of Architecture is not the glorification of the Designer or the Client.
4. Architecture is respecting tectonic, not denying it; Architecture is order, not chaos.
5. The project’s concept is meant to trigger a sound process in an artistic, economic, enviromental and social way.
6. Design implies the inevitability of change.
7. Design regards all scales. The detail is as important as the whole: the result has to be reached both generally and particularly, without giving priority to one need at the expense of the other one.


In 2010 LAD was selected among the forty architects who have exhibited their work at the exhibition “27-37 – Review of Young Italian Architects,” the Italian Pavilion at EXPO Shanghai 2010.
In 2011, LAD was selected and published by UTET volume GiArch “Projects of Young Italian Architects” Vol.3.
In November 2011 LAD won the ideas competition “Premio Roma Vocation” The President of the Province of Rome Nicola Zingaretti awarded architect Napolitano for the restoration project of the piers of the former Bailey Bridge.
In 2012 LAD presented the project of ‘Olgiata Shopping Plaza at the convention “GiArch” at the Venice Biennale (13a. International Architecture Exhibition “Common Ground”) in the GiArch – “Projects of Young Italian Architects”, presented by UTET.
In December of 2012, LAD’s design project for a timed cigarette dispenser won the tender “Fund for Creativity in the Province of Rome”, obtaining a grant.

In November 2013 LAD,in collaboration with NJP, wins the competition for the Iran Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan.

In September 2014 LAD  wins the  ”romArchitettura” prize. Francesco Napolitano has been awarded for the Olgiata Sporting Club work.

In  October 2014 LAD is mentioned in the competition “RI.U.SO. 03 – Città e Rigenerazione Urbana”.

In April 2015 LAD won IAI Design Award  presenting Villae Minimae, The Olgiata Sporting Club, The Stealth and the Mini Loft projects.

On May 10th 2016 LAD won the competition “Italian Green District in Morocco”.


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