L A B O R A T O R I O  D I  A R C H I T E T T U R A  E  D E S I G N




TYPE: Former Military Building, Competition
LOCATION: Alghero (SS), Italy
PROGRAM: 500 m² , Accommodation and public spaces
ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR: LAD – Francesco Napolitano, Simone Lanaro
DESIGN TEAM: Cecilia Caffari, Alessandro Barile

The “anti-aircraft station S.R. 413″ is a big area, large about 90.000 m², located in Punta Giglio, 15 km away from Alghero city center, in Sardinia, in the marvelous Porto Conte natural park. In the area there are several edifices, buildt between 1930 and 1940 by the Italian Navy: a barracks, a bunker, a cistern, some auxiliary buildings and several anti-aircraft stations. Although these buildings are of great interest for their architecture and their position, today they are abandoned and dilapidated, so the italian state property agency, called Agenzia del Demanio, has decided to insert the anti-aircraft station S.R. 413 in the “Valore Paese Cammini” call, in order to entrust the winner with the concession of the area and its redevelopment and transformation into an accommodation structure, focusing in “slow tourism”, on foot or by bicycle.

The barracks and ancillary buildings are transformed into a receptive structure, the cistern is transformed into a swimming pool and the bunker in a temperate cellar for the storage of typical Sardinian products. Since the building is bound and recognized as being of historical and cultural interest, there are no changes to the external appearance of the architecture, nor increases in volume, but only works of restoration and energy improvement, that will change the building energy class in “A-Class”.

The motto of this project is an incision that we found inside the barracks, written almost a century ago, yet surprisingly current: “IF FOR THE OTHERS MEDITERRANEAN IS A ROAD, FOR US IS LIFE”.

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