L A B O R A T O R I O  D I  A R C H I T E T T U R A  E  D E S I G N


Architect, 1979. Partner.

Classical studies, studied at the School of Architecture “Valle Giulia” at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. During his studies, he earned an Erasmus scholarship that allowed him to study for a year at TU Delft, working towards a Master of Science in Dwellings. He graduated in 2004 with honors and publication of a thesis in Environmental Design. After graduation, he began work on his Ph.D., collaborating with Professor Cristina Benedetti in courses in Environmental Design and Architectural Technology. In 2006 he founded LAD, and in 2008 obtained the title of Doctor of Philosophy. Alongside his professional research activity, he has been the supervisor of numerous theses and has completed a seminar in Environmental Design.

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